Knowledge is just like ocean

Knowledge is just like a vast ocean to quench the thirst of the ambitious learners. A Solid education helps the determined, dedicated and diligent students to imbibe the knowledge and put it to greater use on the professional turf. Higherbuisness smile education not only symbolizes the professional achievement but also ensures personal contentment. The innovatively designed distance learning has emerged as the popular mode for knowledge enrichment and skill enhancement.

Off-campus education, popularly referred to as distance education, is the modernized model and path- breaking system to impart quality training to a larger pool of career-conscious individuals. It is a tried and trusted learning system to fulfill the career objectives specific to busy professionals, ambitious students, physically disabled persons as well as housewives. In a word, it is the best platform to educate both the fresh job seekers and experienced executives.

For example is a hub of information regarding the distance learning related to GED diploma. It is the best source of features, facilities and future of the distance learning institutes. Though distance education is receiving recognition and popularity from students and critics alike, many are still in the dark about the greater benefits of contemporary learning model. This website provides a comprehensive guidelines pertaining to the course related queries. It has taken extreme care to provide vast information to the inquisitive candidates who are eager to earn excellence for the sake of career development. Continue Reading

Check Which College Majors Have “The Highest And Lowest Employment Rates”

icons-11aAs students around the country continue to raise their voices about the price of education, former students are looking for work. But higher education doesn’t necessarily mean employment. In fact, many who study the most popular majors are having a hard time finding a job. We will show you what are the top and bottom 15 majors in terms of unemployment rates, along with rank in popularity.

Will you get a job after graduation from college?

That is one of the most important questions many scholars are thinking about these days of economic hardship. College students who have chosen more demanded directions and concentrations will boost their options to acquire a well-paying job. Where can we find these jobs?

  • In excess of 85 percent of all employment possibilities for those holding a bachelor’s degree or above are found via the internet whereas job opportunities for those with less education are not even 50 percent advertised online.
  • More than 60 percent of the job options for college graduates that are advertised online or for white-collar (auditors and accountants) or STEM positions (application software developers and computer system analysts) and healthcare (RN’s -Registered Nurses are highly sought after)

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Adults Returning To College: Get Started

best-choice-300x300Going back to college as a grownup can be a challenging or even scary experience, but it will be very worthwhile especially if you don’t feel confident. It happens often to people who got their high school equivalency diploma as the GED, studying online for the GED is very useful especially when you also work but people miss interaction with teachers who could otherwise build their confidence.    We all are aware that you can find numerous skilled and experienced persons who never attended college or who, for whatever reason, never were able to finish their high school degree. For many people, gaining that piece of paper can turn things around in their professional or personal life, simply the fulfillment of their life time ambition. It’s just that the thought of going back to school after a long period of time could be quite a nightmare.

Very often, people who are going back to school after many years not having been in a classroom, are concerned about not being at the right place. They worry about fitting in a classroom with 18 to 25 year old’s, how to take good notes, how to study properly, and if they could do well on exams. The process of admissions and obtaining financial aid is usually a puzzling and aggravating experience, but there are really good online programs to help you get through the process. It really is irrelevant what age you are, or how long it has been that you went to school. One thing is certain, you are not alone, millions of grownups have done so before you, just take the first step and you won’t ever regret you did it. Continue Reading

A complete guide to passing the ACT test

Alongside the SAT, the ACT is a major factor colleges use to determine whether or not you should be admitted. For colleges, these test scores are a way to compare you to all students who apply. While the scores aren’t smiling12everything, they are definitely important and it’s crucial that you do your best.

 If you’ve never taken the ACT before, chances are you’re a bit nervous. You’ve probably heard of kids taking a Saturday morning. If this is your first time taking any standardized test needed for colleges, you’re probably even more nervous and unsure of what you’re in for.

Don’t worry, this post will give you the rundown on what to expect when you first take the ACT. While the test might be a bit intimidating, if you take it seriously, you can come out of it with flying colors.

What to expect at the ACT test

When you arrive at the test location, you’ll see a nice-sized line of people already waiting there. Your admission ticket will say to be there by 8, but chances are you won’t be let in until after 8. Nevertheless, be there on time, just to be safe. As students are let in, you’ll be assigned a classroom and a seat in the classroom. You’ll end up waiting around in there a while as students check in and the room fills. Continue Reading

Look What I Found: 15 MBA Cheapest Programs In Canada

There is no country in the world that spends more money per household on its schools and schooling system than Canada. Canadian college diplomas are highly respected and recognized all over the planet and for that reason, students who accomplish top rated Canadian college programs will reap the benefits during their fantastic careers. The UN has declared that Canada belongs to the nations where the people can enjoy the most excellent quality of living on earth, and the Canadians demand first-rate education and learning.
In Canada you can find some forty colleges offering MBA programs. Here you will discover the 15 cheapest MBA programs in Canada, and the list below is based on in-state tuition (when available).

- Laval University, Faculty of Business Administration
Pavillon Palais-Prince, 2325, rue de la Terrasse, Quebec (Quebec), G1V 0A6 Canada, Phone: 418 656-2180
Laval allows students the option to complete their program either full time or part time, and gives them a choice of 17 different concentrations. While the majority of classes are held in French, the school does favor bilingual candidates at admission.
To encourage bilingualism, the school is adding more English classes every year, and by graduation, students must be able to effectively communicate in both English and French. The International Management specialization emphasizes a trilingual learning environment and allows students to earn a double diploma, one from Laval and another from a partner university abroad where students spend the summer semester. Laval has plans to add an EMBA program in the near future.
Accreditation: AACSB, EQUIS
Tuition domestic students: $6,823
Tuition international students: $15,537
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The importance of looking into schools before deciding

I’m going to take a quick break from posting about UCSC’s colleges to talk about something I found out today.

Before I decided to attend UC Santa Cruz, I switched back and forth between two majors: economics and aerospace engineering. I chose aerospace engineering as my major for the schools that offered it, and I chose economics for the others.

I applied to Cal Poly, UC Davis, and UC San Diego all under this major. Davis had guaranteed me admission into my first-choice major through the ELC program, but I figured just in case I didn’t get in, Cal Poly would be my alternate. UCSD I wasn’t sure if I would be accepted to, but if I did, UCSD would become my #1 choice for aerospace engineering.

Basically, Cal Poly was last on my list for engineering schools.

However, after reading this list about the 25 best engineering schools, I realized that Cal Poly deserved far more credit than I gave it — it’s ranked second, above such schools as Stanford and UC Berkeley. Cal Poly apparently is one of the best schools for engineering, by giving students the experience and tools to begin a new career in their field.

It really is important to look into schools before you decide. Don’t rely entirely on what you think, and don’t count out a school before you look into it. Research a school as much as you can. Read about a school online and ask around to find out how to really evaluate a school.

In the end, I decided that my best fit was at UCSC, and even if I had known this about Cal Poly my decision would not have changed, but what if I had overlooked some other important piece of information about another school? I could very well have ended up regretting my decision.


Do colleges look down on half days in your senior year?

Short answer


Long answer:

As I mentioned earlier, colleges primarily look at your junior year academics when making a decision about you. But that doesn’t make your senior year unimportant at all.

Let’s put it this way. Say you’re an employer trying to decide who to hire. You look at one person’s application and see that he was a great worker at his current job, but you find out that once he had the prospect of being hired by you, he stopped working as hard and kind of turned a blind eye to things. The other person kept on working strong, even with a decent chance of being hired by you. Who would you hire?

Colleges are likely to do the same thing. Depending on how competitive the school you’re trying to get into is, having a shorter day your senior year can hurt you, especially depending on what you do with it.

If you shorten your school day to getting out at twelve noon and you decide to take really simple and easy classes, then that’s definitely not going to look good for you, even if you get all A’s. If you take four really hard classes and then go home, that’s still not as good as if you took four classes and then filled the spots with electives. Continue Reading

Cheap MBA in Texas

There are quite a few universities that offer affordable MBA programs in Texas. Find out more about these low-cost programs presented by respected schools.The Texas economy continues to be strong and there is a growing demand for highly educated business executives. If you are interested in the top ranked MBA programs that are also affordable you must see this list of  Take a closer look at these schools:

- University of Houston – Victoria School of Business Administration
3007 N Ben Wilson Street, Victoria, TX 77901, Phone: 877-970-4848
A few years ago the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) described University of Houston Victoria’s School of Business Administration as a nationwide model for distance learning
education and online presentation. The specific ‘Global MBA Online Program’ allows you to get in touch with college students from all over the world, and concentrations are offered in Finance and Management. The 54-hour course load can be accomplished part-time in 3 years and full-time in 2 years. All products and services are offered online. Estimated cost $10,290 (residents), $17,100 (non-residents)

- Texas A&M University – Commerce College of Business
2600 W Neal Street, Commerce, TX 75428, Phone: 888-868-2682
The College of Business at Texas A&M University in Commerce educates graduate students both professionally and individually. Regardless of whether the students get classes online, on-campus at any of the school’s 3 locations (in Dallas, Rockwall and Commerce), they will be prepared to deal with challenges and issues in the international technological setting associated with today’s revolutionary business culture. The College of Business presents a personalized MBA program that will provide you with the comfort, value and overall flexibility that your personal hectic life-style wants and needs. The university is accredited by SACS and AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business – the gold standard). The College of Business offers 3 programs: Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Accounting, and Master of Science in Management. Estimated cost $9,175 (residents), $17,485 (non-residents) Continue Reading

Dorm beds use Twin-XL sheets! Don’t forget!

A common mistake when dorm shopping that people make is buying the wrong type of sheets. Many will go out buying new bedsheets, and mistakenly buy Twin sizes.

While I’m sure there are some exceptions, the vast majorities of college dorm mattresses use Twin XL sized sheets. A lot of people never even hear about this size of sheet until it comes time to for dorm shopping.

Twin XL beds are as wide as normal twin beds, but they’re an extra five inches longer, presumably to accommodate taller students.

Where can I find Twin-XL sheets?

For most of the year, twin XL sheets aren’t sold in stores, but as college move in approaches, many stores will begin their yearly college sales. This is the best time to buy this specific type of sheet, and your local Wal-Mart, Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond should carry them.

Just make sure you check the package before buying to make sure you have the right kind of sheets! Finding out on move in day is never fun.

What about blankets and other sheets?

The only two things that actually need to be Twin XL are your fitted sheet and, if you have one, a mattress pad. The rest of your sheets and blankets can be whatever size you want. If you frequently make your bed properly, then don’t be surprised when a couple of your blankets seem a bit short.

Of course, you’ll almost never buy a fitted sheet on its own, so you’ll likely end up with a pack of sheets sized Twin XL.  But you definitely don’t need to worry about your blankets being the right length.


Open campus lunch

My old high school was one of the only ones in the area that had an ‘open campus lunch’.

Our high school used to be crowded, with around 3,000 kids. Our school wasn’t built for even two-thirds of that, so there was no chance of accommodating that many students at lunch time. As such, there was no choice but to have an fun-this-way-to-the-fun‘open campus’ at lunch.

An open campus allows kids to leave the school during lunch, just so long as they’re back in time for class afterwards. You could go anywhere: out to fast food, back home briefly, walk to a local store, wherever.

After arriving at high school from middle school, the thought of an open campus lunch was probably the coolest thing I had ever thought of. I remember my first lunch at high school, I walked to a local market and bought some food. I felt so grown-up.

With an open campus lunch, the big thing was always having your license and a car, even moreso than normal. Once you had both, you had the freedom to go wherever you wanted during lunch. Of course, once everyone else fond out, they would pounce on you like wolves to try to be taken out to lunch. Continue Reading