Support for Education

Apart from running the event company I am also a high school teacher I know how much how important is our community’s children and our community’s future.  During any given day I might work with a girl who can read but can’t infer from what she is reading, a boy who can infer but not while reading, one student who can write the most poetic prose, and another who tries hard but just can’t understand that a sentence needs a subject and a verb.

There is not a better investment we can make as a community than our schools.

We owe it to our children to give them the best education possible, to provide them the opportunities to excel in their future careers, to prepare them to compete in the global market.

For the classroom, students with unique gifts and challenges can get the assistance they need and deserve.  Your support helps limit class size, provides resources, and offers the children of our community a wide variety of opportunities they otherwise just wouldn’t get.

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What are Leadership Skills

download-7The Collins English Dictionary determines management as ‘the innovator(s) of an event or team’. Real management, though, requires much more compared to that. An innovator could be the Chief Executive Officer of a company, or a first year worker who leads his or her team to excellence behind the scenes. An innovator could lead with main authority and power, yet very frequently great innovators lead via motivation, persuasion and individual hookups.

Just what is management?
One wonderful interpretation is:
“Management is the fine art of leading others to purposely produce an outcome that would otherwise not have actually taken place”.

Management via Psychological Knowledge
It’s not simply the production of outcomes that makes great management. Great innovators have the ability to intentionally produce difficult outcomes by hiring the assistance of others. They could single-handedly transform falling firms in to Fortune 500 companies, and they could transform societies. Excellent management is a vital secret to business excellence and it’s true in every kind of business from industrial automation to constructive industry.  

The Characteristics of a Great Innovator
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Free MBA and Cheap MBA Preparation

images-15Check out this information about free MBA and cheap MBA preparation:

Free MBA Program
– Wake Forest University Free MBA Program (for minority students)
Wake Forest University provides the possibility for minority students to enroll in the school’s MBA program for free. The Dean of WFU’s Schools of Business is the former CEO of PepsiCo and very devoted to diversity. The Corporate Fellowship offers full tuition and a $21,000 stipend to pay for living costs. You won’t have to be concerned about whether or not you have taken the GMAT and so on, all you have to do at this time is just apply.
The contact information is:
Derrick S. Boone, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing, Room 3139, Worrell Professional Center, Babcock Graduate School of Management, Wake Forest University, 1834 Wake Forest Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27109-8758, Phone: 336-758-4475, Toll-free: 1-866-925-3622, Fax: 336-758-4514, E-mail: This is really is an enormous opportunity to enroll in a top graduate school. Don’t forget to check our research about the online MBA programs that are more affordable.

Affordable MBA Preparation Courses
Getting yourself ready for business school by taking free online MBA courses is a clever way to go. You can find quite a few free MBA courses offered online for students to examine and carry out at their own pace. Many business professors are constantly engaged to assure that free training will help prepare candidates for business school appropriately.

But keep in mind that free courses are NOT an alternative to a full paying MBA degree.  What you perfectly well can do though is use these free courses to prepare yourself for the degree programs. These non-credit, online courses examine business topics that could be dealt with during a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, for example marketing, business analysis, management and economics. The majority of the courses below are available at the graduate level, whereas a number of the other lessons can help to give students the exact knowledge necessary to enroll in an MBA program.  Continue reading

Is Online Education for Everyone?

Online GED Classes are classes that include text, a short video, and a practice test to see if you’ve understood the subject field. During online GED classes, students can study independently, and where and when they feel comfortable.

Everyone can follow online GED classes

Can Everyone follow online education classes?

The lessons are usually developed by qualified GED instructors and offer a unique learning experience. Some online GED classes are part of paid courses, while there are also quite a few free options available online. Here we’ll take a look at both options, so if you want to learn more about earning for your GED diploma through online instruction, keep on reading.

To be able to follow online GED lessons, the only things you need are a computer and internet access. This article explains what you need to do to get ready for your GED online, don’t forget to read through to the end of this article to understand that there are some obstacles in getting your education this way. Be aware though that the most important factors are your commitment, determination, and ability to work independently. Online learning could really be a fantastic option but you need to learn and understand what you can expect. Learn how you can choose the best online prep class, or you may end up wasting your money and precious time.

This post will show you which online GED classes are offered, which course may fit you best, and how to choose a program that’s both free and in line with the new GED standards. In January 2014, the latest version of the GED program was rolled out across America, so make sure you pick out an online course that’s not outdated, and in line with the latest GED requirements! Continue reading

Will I get into my college? Two websites that will help you answer that

download (6)As we come closer and closer to the time when many colleges start to inform applicants of whether or not they were accepted, you’re likely to start stressing more and more over the future. Sure, you’ve done all you can up to this point, and it’s just a waiting game, but there’s always going to be that nervousness of if you got into your schools or if (God forbid) everything went haywire.

I’ve been looking around online to try to find websites to help answer that very same question for my girlfriend. I’ve found two very helpful sites: I’ve mentioned College Board already in another post. In addition to being the website where you sign up for SATs, College Board provides a lot of information about both careers and colleges. When it comes to making a guess about whether or not you’ll get into a school, I recommend looking through “How do I stack up?”. Simply search for a college, and on the main page for that college, you should see a box with that title in the bottom. Just fill in the information and see how you compare to everybody else.

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Scholarship Essay Writing Guidelines

download-8Scholarship essays should be written as professional as possible so that your counterpart will be impressed to build a relationship in cooperation with you.

Searching for potential scholarships to finance your education could be a challenge. Many organizations have a webpage that explains what elements should be added to your scholarship proposal/essay in order for them to consider sponsoring your education. Small and big amounts  for education are available. One of the popular websites that informs you on essay writing is and you can also look on the websites of the leading organizations in your niche. Try it yourself. But it’s your own decision where do you apply, let’s now focus on writing guidelines.

Your success may depend on how well-written your scholarships application is. To make an effective scholarships proposal for your education, you should be aware of some important tips for successfully attracting the organizations you have targeted. Learn how to make it seamless by completely reading this article. Herein, some secret tips will be revealed entirely for you. What also helps is reading more essays and books to fine-tune your skills.

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Just Out Of College – The Importance Of Your First Job

Graduation, and then… Welcome to the Real World/ Probably your first year out of college will be full of uncertainty, you need to find your way between the young years and adulthood, and you’re discovering quite a bit about the real sell-ecampusworld. And the real world is challenging, and you may consider further education.  Gone are the days when your life was made up of partying, studying for tests, sleeping, going to classes and spending time with your friends. Now you are facing the reality of a 9-to-5 duty and going to bed at 10 p.m. What’s more, there’s all the reason in the world to assume that your first occupation after graduation is the most crucial you you are ever going to have.

Here are a few reasons why:

– You will quickly learn from your mistakes
In your first job you are likely to get plenty of criticism about your attitude, your time management and how you operate with co-workers, but you will learn very quickly how to resolve these concerns. Very soon you will be faced with the differences between college life and the professional world, and a lot will depend on how receptive you are to gaining knowledge from your blunders and how quickly you will develop new, constructive behavior and competencies. In the course of your first year after graduation, you are going to be put into for you unusual situations and given the job of making basic decisions, while in college you probably were in an environment where your attitude had no impact on a business or other people.  I remember my first job, I was taught the ropes hard and fast, . As you later advance in your professional career, you will have the strength to maneuver through difficult situations with grace, thanks to your mistakes in your first year in the professional world. Continue reading

The Truth About MBA Rankings. It’s Kinda Evil

user-neutralUpdated JUly, 2016. In 1988 BusinessWeek started ranking MBA programs, this changed the whole ballgame. In the rankings student satisfaction played a key role and by the time the leading business schools understood this importance, the quality of teaching improved drastically.

Until then, quality teaching had not always received the attention of business schools it deserved. Promotion decisions and faculty hiring were often based on the number of scientific papers faculty members submitted in research journals, their so-called research productivity. New or young faculty members were advised to concentrate on their research and not to spend too much time on teaching. Understandably the quality of the teaching at some of the best business schools was inadequate. The publication of rankings pressured the schools to really improve their teaching. People also realize that not only ranking matter, highly experienced manager shouldn’t worry about low GMAT score, there are plenty business schools with no GMAT online MBA programs  included in top ranking.

Popular MBA Rankings

Since 1988 more magazines started publishing MBA rankings and it is clear that these publications use different criteria to establish their ranking.

  • BusinessWeek was the first to publish rankings and they use the opinion of graduating students (45%) and business recruiters (45%). Faculty research counts for 10%.
  • U.S. News uses seven criteria to establish their rankings. The inlude, among others, starting salaries, GMAT scores, school dean surveys, recruiter surveys and undergraduate GPAs.
  • Forbes takes a different aproach for their rankings. Forbes considers an MBA degree as an investment and looks at financial gain in the first five years post-MBA compared to their pre-MBA pay.
  • The Economist as well as The Financial Times are European publications and use a mix of factors, like U.S.News, and they concentrate on global rankings of MBA programs.

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Military Education

As with the other services, one must have a high school diploma, or a GED to enlist in the United States Army. This often can be a problem and  the United States Army get many questions how adults can get a high school diploma.

Good news is that the Army only allows about 15 percent of their total enlistments each year to have a GED (See Military ASVAB/Education Minimum Levels).

However, the Army has a special enlistment program, specifically designed for disadvantaged youths who have neither a high school diploma, nor a GED. It’s called the Army GED Plus Enlistment Program. Check also information about online GED prep scholarship. Continue reading

Research Shows How Important It Is To Read Books And Essays

New results show that reading books and essays is fundamental for human growth and that an individual has a need to study. Research by Washington University shows that whether a person reads a book in print or digitally, picking up a book is crucial to stimulate the brain because it physically changes by the experience with reading. Readers psychologically mimic each new situation encountered in a story leaving mankind with new neural pathways and mental synthesis.

So if your brain responds to reading, increase your knowledge and personal growth by writing and reading  essays. Reading and writing can boost emotional and artistic proficiency and enhance self-confidence in general understanding. There is a wide array of reading possibilities available in present times as a result of advancements in technology including things like e-readers, tablets and smartphones so there is little justification for not getting your nose into a good book. And the analysis discovered that if Britons stop reading they become less empathetic, interesting and less intricate.

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