GED Prep Online Education – Is it for everyone?

Online Classes for any subject are classes that include text, a short video, and a practice test to see if you’ve understood the subject field. You might have read before that I work for, a website that offers free online GED classes. Our students are mostly 20+ adults who look for the opportunity to study independently, and where and when they feel comfortable. So let’s see, Online Education – is it for everyone?

The lessons are usually developed by qualified GED instructors and offer a unique learning experience. Some online GED classes are part of paid courses, while there are also quite a few free options available online. Here we’ll take a look at both options, so if you want to learn more about earning your GED diploma through online instruction, keep on reading.

To be able to follow online GED lessons, the only things you need are a computer and internet access. This article explains what you need to do to get ready for your GED online, but don’t forget to read through to the end of this article to understand that there are some obstacles in getting your education this way.

Be aware though that the most important factors are your commitment, determination, and ability to work independently. Online learning could be a fantastic option, but you need to learn and understand what you can expect. Learn how you can choose the best online prep class, or you may end up wasting your money and precious time.

This post will show you which online GED classes are offered, which course may fit you best, and how to choose a program that’s both free and in line with the new GED standards. In January 2014, the latest version of the GED program was rolled out across America, so make sure you pick out an online course that’s not outdated, and in line with the latest GED requirements!

Free Online High School Equivalency courses

Since January 2014, the GED program is not the only available option any longer to earn your high school equivalency diploma. As the new GED was getting pretty expensive, and only offered in a computer-based version (no more paper-based GED® testing!), two less expensive alternatives were introduced in America, and a number of states are using one of these alternatives (that are also offered on paper), or offer multiple testing options. The alternatives are the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion), and the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test).

The contents of these three testing methods are similar, so you can very well use online GED courses also to get ready for the alternatives.

There are quite a few online of free GED prep courses and let’s take a closer look at the free GED classes that are offered through the website These online classes include:

  • free online GED video instruction and mini GED practice tests
  • GED prep instruction on all four GED testing subject areas

To be able to use the classes offered by BestGEDClasses, there’s no need to subscribe or login, everything is available without any further commitment or obligation, and at no cost whatsoever!

Paid Online GED Prep Courses

A few of the well-known paid GED courses are:

  • Covcell GED Prep-this is a new GED prep course that focuses on the strategic way of preparing for the GED test. They promote a lot of strategies and motivation techniques in addition to video lessons and practice tests. It costs $27 for 3 months
  • Aztec Software – This is a GED program often used by GED prep centers and schools, and is now available to individual students as well. It’s worth noting that many of this program’s modules are available in Spanish too. The price is $50 a month.
  • Fast Forward GED® Mobile Study – You can study here on your phone. This is an online, self-directed, course of interactive lessons that include videos and a lot of practice tests. The program costs $ 69,95 for 6 months.

Please bear in mind that the best place to gather all sorts of GED-related information and material is the official Marketplace of GED Testing Service, the official publisher of the GED program. Educators and students can learn all about the GED program, the job market, school profiles, career outlooks, and so on right there and they can also buy GED prep material there.