Adults Returning To College: Get Started

Going back to college as a grownup can be a challenging or even scary experience, but it will be very worthwhile especially if you don’t feel confident. It happens often to people who got their high school equivalency diploma as the GED, studying online for the GED is very useful especially when you also work but people miss interaction with teachers who could otherwise build their confidence.    We all are aware that you can find numerous skilled and experienced persons who never attended college or who, for whatever reason, never were able to finish their high school degree. For many people, gaining that piece of paper can turn things around in their professional or personal life, simply the fulfillment of their life time ambition. It’s just that the thought of going back to school after a long period of time could be quite a nightmare.

Very often, people who are going back to school after many years not having been in a classroom, are concerned about not being at the right place. They worry about fitting in a classroom with 18 to 25 year old’s, how to take good notes, how to study properly, and if they could do well on exams. The process of admissions and obtaining financial aid is usually a puzzling and aggravating experience, but there are really good online programs to help you get through the process. It really is irrelevant what age you are, or how long it has been that you went to school. One thing is certain, you are not alone, millions of grownups have done so before you, just take the first step and you won’t ever regret you did it. Read More »

A complete guide to passing the ACT test

Alongside the SAT, the ACT is a major factor colleges use to determine whether or not you should be admitted. For colleges, these test scores are a way to compare you to all students who apply. While the scores aren’t everything, they are definitely important and it’s crucial that you do your best.

 If you’ve never taken the ACT before, chances are you’re a bit nervous. You’ve probably heard of kids taking a Saturday morning. If this is your first time taking any standardized test needed for colleges, you’re probably even more nervous and unsure of what you’re in for.

Don’t worry, this post will give you the rundown on what to expect when you first take the ACT. While the test might be a bit intimidating, if you take it seriously, you can come out of it with flying colors.

What to expect at the ACT test

When you arrive at the test location, you’ll see a nice-sized line of people already waiting there. Your admission ticket will say to be there by 8, but chances are you won’t be let in until after 8. Nevertheless, be there on time, just to be safe. As students are let in, you’ll be assigned a classroom and a seat in the classroom. You’ll end up waiting around in there a while as students check in and the room fills. Read More »

Check These MBA in Canada

You will find a lot of international students who would like to find low-cost MBA programs in Canada as this beautiful country offers well-known universities and colleges, as well as many inexpensive MBA programs to choose from. Canada is not only a country known for it’s beauty and economic development, it is also regarded as one of the best places on earth to live.

No matter where you choose to study in Canada, you’ll find a wide variety of cultural, recreational and various other activities all through the year. The United Nations has indicated that Canadians enjoy the finest quality of living in the world, and they insist upon first-rate education and learning.

Canada is the land that devotes more money per capita on its schools and schooling system than any other country on the planet. Canadian college diplomas are recognized all around the world and consequently, foreign students who complete top Canadian university programs get pleasure from a fantastic career.

Here is a list of low-cost MBA programs  in Canada: Read More »

Look What I Found: 15 MBA Cheapest Programs In Canada

There is no country in the world that spends more money per household on its schools and schooling system than Canada. Canadian college diplomas are highly respected and recognized all over the planet and for that reason, students who accomplish top rated Canadian college programs will reap the benefits during their fantastic careers. The UN has declared that Canada belongs to the nations where the people can enjoy the most excellent quality of living on earth, and the Canadians demand first-rate education and learning.
In Canada you can find some forty colleges offering MBA programs. Here you will discover the 15 cheapest MBA programs in Canada, and the list below is based on in-state tuition (when available).

- Laval University, Faculty of Business Administration
Pavillon Palais-Prince, 2325, rue de la Terrasse, Quebec (Quebec), G1V 0A6 Canada, Phone: 418 656-2180
Laval allows students the option to complete their program either full time or part time, and gives them a choice of 17 different concentrations. While the majority of classes are held in French, the school does favor bilingual candidates at admission.
To encourage bilingualism, the school is adding more English classes every year, and by graduation, students must be able to effectively communicate in both English and French. The International Management specialization emphasizes a trilingual learning environment and allows students to earn a double diploma, one from Laval and another from a partner university abroad where students spend the summer semester. Laval has plans to add an EMBA program in the near future.
Accreditation: AACSB, EQUIS
Tuition domestic students: $6,823
Tuition international students: $15,537
Duration: 12 months

- Memorial University of Newfoundland, Faculty of Business Administration
230 Elizabeth Avenue, St John’s, NL A1B 3X9, Canada, Phone:+1 709-864-8000
Memorial University offers its students ultimate flexibility. The majority of the school’s students are part-time, and they actually have up to 8 years to complete their degree. But don’t let this make you think that the school isn’t producing strong teams. Memorial has the finest record throughout history for the 29-year-old John Molson School of Business MBA International Case Competition, which is the biggest and oldest case competition on earth. Memorial students have admittance to the Gardiner Centre, which allows students research their future careers.
Accreditation: AACSB
Tuition domestic students: $4,398
Tuition international students: $5,718
Duration: 24 months

- University of Quebec-Montreal, Faculty of Management
320 rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montreal, QC H2X 1L7, Canada, Phone: 1 514-987-3000
UQAM’s MBA program contains two distinct specializations. The Management Consulting direction demands no less than 4 years of work experience and provides two residency courses. The Science and Engineering focus does not demand earlier work experience, and students devote the last period developing a functioning business model for an organization of their choice. Both directions are in French and may be accomplished on either a full- or part-time basis. Choices involve non-profit organizations, urban management and real estate.
Accreditation: AACSB
Tuition domestic students: $6,472
Tuition international students: $22,120
Duration: 12 months

- Royal Military College of Canada
General Crerar Crescent, Kingston, ON K7K, Canada, Phone: +1 613-541-6000
Only a small minority in RMC’s MBA program are civilians, and the RMC MBA curriculum is targeted towards the requirements of students who have military operational experience, for example supply-chain management, transportation, finance or human resources. A lot of the school’s graduates proceed to government employment. The school is offering both full-time and part-time study alternatives, and RMC’s MBA program is offered on-campus in Kingston, Ontario, or online, although some residency is always demanded.
Accreditation: Accreditation Board of Engineers Canada, CIPS (Canada’s Association of Information Technology Professionals)
Tuition domestic students: $6,600
Duration: 16 months

- University of Sherbrooke, Faculty of Administration
2500, boul. de Sherbrooke, Quebec (Quebec), J1K 2R1 Canada, Phone: +1 819-821-7661
Even when several schools have seen a reduction in their applications, Sherbrooke has seen a 25% increase over last years. The four-month paid internship could have some influence on the school’s increased popularity. This co-op opportunity features a coaching program that puts students along with working executives. The school additionally presents a four-year LLB/MBA program and a combined CMA/MBA option. Recently, the campus opened the doors to a completely new 16-floor studying center. The new center offers 41 classrooms, 45 meeting rooms and three video-conference rooms. The school also features a 22-month EMBA program that is organised one day a week on Fridays or Saturdays at the school’s Longueuil satellite campus.
Accreditation: CIPS (Canada’s Association of Information Technology Professionals)
Tuition domestic students: $6,800
Tuition international students: $13,000
Duration: 16 months
Tuition EMBA: $31,250, duration: 22 months

- HEC Montreal
3000 Chemin de la C’te-Sainte-Catherine, Montreal, QC H3S 2G4, Canada, Phone:+1 514-340-6000
HEC Montreal is the independent affiliated business school of the Universite de Montreal, and the oldest management School in Canada. HEC is actually a pretty small university, but it continues to punch above its weight. The school offers a full-time program in both English and French, and a part-time option only in French. HEC Montreal has 600 seats and a huge number of databases, books and periodicals, and the school additionally has the biggest bilingual business library in the nation. The school has international partnership with business schools in Belgium and Switzerland.
Together with McGill, HEC offers a joint EMBA program that is created around the so-called five mindsets of managers. This program features lunch and learn sessions where leading executives discuss experience and respond to questions.
Accreditation: AACSB
Tuition Quebec students: $7,600
Tuition non-Quebec students: $14,700
Tuition international students: $31,300
Duration: 12 months
Tuition EMBA: $78,000, duration 15 months

- University of Moncton, Faculty of Administration
18 Antonine-Maillet Avenue, Moncton, NB E1A 3E9, Canada, Phone:+1 506-858-4000
The University of Moncton is located in a small city in New Brunswick but is internationally targeted. Around half of the student population, and just over half the faculty members are from abroad. Students stay a semester at their home campus to study a curriculum devoted to NAFTA issues before getting an internship in the U.S. or Mexico. It’s also the only French-language MBA program in Atlantic Canada. Moncton actually is a pretty comfortable place to network, and the school offers unique courses, such as green supply-chain management, corporate reputation and family business.
Accreditation: Accreditation Board of Engineers Canada, CIPS (Canada’s Association of Information Technology Professionals)
Tuition domestic students: $9,295
Duration: 24 months

- Laurentian University, School of Commerce and Administration
935 Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury, ON P3E 2C6, Canada, Phone:+1 705-675-1151
Situated in the largest city in Ontario’s resource-laden north, Laurentian caters mainly to local professionals. Those involve mining industry executives who are employed by brands like Xstrata and Vale. Students at Laurentian reap the benefits of the flexibility of the MBA program. The beautiful campus is situated on peaceful Lake Ramsey, which is in fact only minutes away from the city’s downtown. The school offers an online MBA program, designed together with the Certified General Accountants of Canada. This MBA program educates the competencies accountants require to proceed into senior management.
Accreditation: AACSB
Tuition domestic students: $9,824
Tuition international students: $23,577
Duration: 12 months

- Carleton University, Sprott School of Business
125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6, Canada, Phone:+1 613-520-2600
Sprott is a school that is more and more looking overseas. Along with standard specializations like financial management, Sprott now allows students to choose the International Development Management Program, which brings together leadership competencies with a profound comprehension of global development. As the Canadian International Development Agency has its headquarters close by, the school is perfectly situated to offer this program. This MBA program is presented in a full-time format for the ambitious professional with no work experience, and in a part-time evening setting for working business managers. Sprott furthermore offers MBA programs in China and Iran.
Accreditation: AACSB
Tuition domestic students: $13,912
Duration: 12-16 months

- Saint Mary’s University, Sobey School of Business
Sobey Building, 903 Robie Street Halifax, Halifax NS B3H 3C3, Canada, Phone:+1 902-420-5422
Sobey School of Business is targeted on flexibility, and students have the opportunity to choose from seven concentrations, such as Small Business and Entrepreneurship. For students who have an academic history in business or commerce, Saint Mary’s features an accelerated MBA program that will take 12 months to accomplish as a full-time student, or 28 months as a part-time student. Sobey additionally presents MBA students a mentorship program together with local businesses. The school’s EMBA program allows students to connect with just one group for the full 18 months to carry out an important research assignment.
Accreditation: AACSB
Tuition domestic students: $15,708
Tuition internationa students: $28,797
Duration: 16-20 months
Tuition EMBA: $45,000, duration 18 months

- University of Windsor, Odette School of Business
401 Sunset Avenue, Windsor, ON N9B 3P4, Canada, Phone:+1 519-973-7014
The Odette MBA applies several different teaching methods from case studies to computer-based simulations. The emphasis lays on supplying a sound foundation in the principles of business. Students reap the benefits of team-based assignments with corporate partners like Crayola, BMO Nesbitt Burns and the Local Health Integrated Network. A part-time (weekend) MBA is available for executives and other professionals, and Odette’s 10-month MBA program prepares students in regions such as international accounting and manufacturing management. Windsor furthermore offers a combined MBA/JD degree program where students can mix legal and business management competencies, graduating with both diplomas in only four years.
Accreditation: CGA Ontario
Tuition domestic students: $15,925
Duration 14 months

- Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Management
350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON, M5B 2K3 Canada, Phone:+1 416-979-5121
In the Ted Rogers MBA program, students take part in unique-in-Canada programs down the middle of Toronto’s downtown. The program is devoted to research, and all Ryerson MBA students will have to write a serious research paper. MBA students spend eight months in college class and after that engage in either a 4-month internship (with companies such as Scotiabank, Bell Mobility or Bombardier), or carry out a 4-month international exchange assignment. Ryerson’s Management of Technology and Innovation field of expertise is among the few tech-based MBA programs in the country. The school’s Media Management MBA resemblances the school’s robust media-based undergraduate programs. The Ted Rogers School is situated right on Bay Street.
Accreditation: AACSB
Tuition domestic students: $16,667
Tuition international students: $25,942
Duration: 16 months

- University of New Brunswick – Fredericton and Saint John, Faculty of Business Administration
Bailey Drive, Fredericton, NB E3B 9P8, Canada, Phone:+1 506-453-4666
Tucker Park Road, PO Box 5050, Saint John, NB, E2L 4L5 Canada, Phone:+1 506-648-5500
At Fredericton the school presents an MBA in Sport and Recreation Management. They also features an MBA in Engineering Management, a 12-month program designed for working engineers. Here, MBA students can join forces with a businessman and bring an idea from concept to reality. Students can participate in the Student Investment Fund, where students can help manage a part of New Brunswick’s pension fund. Options at the Saint John campus contain a combined CMA and MBA degree, and a program that prepares enrollees for the Project Management Institute (PMI) examination. MBA students can take two concentrations: Innovation and Technology and International Business, which will involve an exchange to France or China.
Accreditation: Certified Management Accountants of Canada (CMA Canada), CIPS (Canada’s Association of Information Technology Professionals)
Tuition domestic students: $18,000
Tuition international students: $24,500
Duration: 12-16 months

-Vancouver Island University, Faculty of Management
900 Fifth Street Nanaimo, BC V9R 5S5, Canada, Phone: +1 250-753-3245
Vancouver Island University features a concurrent Canadian and British MBA program. Graduates obtain a Canadian MBA and a British Master of Science in international business from the University of Hertfordshire. The program includes an internship and an applied business assignment accomplished in the last four months of the program. The program is available to candidates with any kind of undergraduate degree and without any business experience, but those students who didn’t study business ahead of applying will have to commit two months concluding a foundation program.
The majority of the students in the school’s MBA program are international students, and there are a lot of possibilities to concentrate on international business, including exchange programs around the world.
Accreditation: AACSB
Tuition domestic students: $18,870
Tuition international students: $29,500
Duration: 14 months

- Cape Breton University, Shannon School of Business
1250 Grand Lake Road, Sydney, NS B1P 6L2, Canada, Phone:+1 902-539-5300
Shannon School of Business never stops expanding its options. Enrollees may acquire an MBA as full-time students, as part-time students in a 26-month program that involves a summer residency, or as weekend program students. The last group can choose from five cities in Canada. Forty-two percent of the students are from abroad, and the Shannon School of business partially funds six students’ excursions to partner universities in the U.S. or Mexico. For those students looking for creativity on campus, the Shannon Speaker Series presents speeches by many well-known Canadians.
Accreditation: Department of Labour and Advanced Eduction, Nova Scotia
Tuition domestic students: $18,994
Duration: 12 months

All tuition costs are estimates and based on 2013/14

The importance of looking into schools before deciding

I’m going to take a quick break from posting about UCSC’s colleges to talk about something I found out today.

Before I decided to attend UC Santa Cruz, I switched back and forth between two majors: economics and aerospace engineering. I chose aerospace engineering as my major for the schools that offered it, and I chose economics for the others.

I applied to Cal Poly, UC Davis, and UC San Diego all under this major. Davis had guaranteed me admission into my first-choice major through the ELC program, but I figured just in case I didn’t get in, Cal Poly would be my alternate. UCSD I wasn’t sure if I would be accepted to, but if I did, UCSD would become my #1 choice for aerospace engineering.

Basically, Cal Poly was last on my list for engineering schools.

However, after reading this list about the 25 best engineering schools, I realized that Cal Poly deserved far more credit than I gave it — it’s ranked second, above such schools as Stanford and UC Berkeley. Cal Poly apparently is one of the best schools for engineering, by giving students the experience and tools to begin a new career in their field.

It really is important to look into schools before you decide. Don’t rely entirely on what you think, and don’t count out a school before you look into it. Research a school as much as you can. Read about a school online and ask around to find out how to really evaluate a school.

In the end, I decided that my best fit was at UCSC, and even if I had known this about Cal Poly my decision would not have changed, but what if I had overlooked some other important piece of information about another school? I could very well have ended up regretting my decision.

Do colleges look down on half days in your senior year?

Short answer


Long answer:

As I mentioned earlier, colleges primarily look at your junior year academics when making a decision about you. But that doesn’t make your senior year unimportant at all.

Let’s put it this way. Say you’re an employer trying to decide who to hire. You look at one person’s application and see that he was a great worker at his current job, but you find out that once he had the prospect of being hired by you, he stopped working as hard and kind of turned a blind eye to things. The other person kept on working strong, even with a decent chance of being hired by you. Who would you hire?

Colleges are likely to do the same thing. Depending on how competitive the school you’re trying to get into is, having a shorter day your senior year can hurt you, especially depending on what you do with it.

If you shorten your school day to getting out at twelve noon and you decide to take really simple and easy classes, then that’s definitely not going to look good for you, even if you get all A’s. If you take four really hard classes and then go home, that’s still not as good as if you took four classes and then filled the spots with electives. Read More »

Cheap MBA in Texas

There are quite a few universities that offer affordable MBA programs in Texas. Find out more about these low-cost programs presented by respected schools.The Texas economy continues to be strong and there is a growing demand for highly educated business executives. Take a closer look at these schools:

- University of Houston – Victoria School of Business Administration
3007 N Ben Wilson Street, Victoria, TX 77901, Phone: 877-970-4848
A few years ago the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) described University of Houston Victoria’s School of Business Administration as a nationwide model for distance learning
education and online presentation. The specific ‘Global MBA Online Program’ allows you to get in touch with college students from all over the world, and concentrations are offered in Finance and Management. The 54-hour course load can be accomplished part-time in 3 years and full-time in 2 years. All products and services are offered online. Estimated cost $10,290 (residents), $17,100 (non-residents)

- Texas A&M University – Commerce College of Business
2600 W Neal Street, Commerce, TX 75428, Phone: 888-868-2682
The College of Business at Texas A&M University in Commerce educates graduate students both professionally and individually. Regardless of whether the students get classes online, on-campus at any of the school’s 3 locations (in Dallas, Rockwall and Commerce), they will be prepared to deal with challenges and issues in the international technological setting associated with today’s revolutionary business culture. The College of Business presents a personalized MBA program that will provide you with the comfort, value and overall flexibility that your personal hectic life-style wants and needs. The university is accredited by SACS and AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business – the gold standard). The College of Business offers 3 programs: Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Accounting, and Master of Science in Management. Estimated cost $9,175 (residents), $17,485 (non-residents)


- Prairie View A&M University College of Business
University Drive, Prairie View, TX 77446, Phone: 936-261-3311
The College of Business features two programs in business, MSA (Master of Science in Accounting), and MBA (Master of Business Administration). The Graduate Programs at PVAMU are created with respect to the working professional, with courses provided at comfortable times at night, in weekends as well as online. The College of Business features several study alternatives such as online classes, and lessons at 2 distinctive locations. College students can get lessons that meet the diploma specifications for the MBA program entirely online, and the program may be completed in just 2 years, or up to 5 years. Prairie View A&M University’s online MBA program is rated ‘Best Buy’ among the AACSB-accredited programs by GetEducated.
Estimated cost $11,447 (residents), $22,091 (non-residents)


- University of Houston – Clear Lake School of Business
2700 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, TX 77058, Phone: 281-283-7600
Getting your MBA degree may put you on the right track to start or develop your own business, or will be useful if you want a career switch. Whatever the reason, UHCL’s School of Business’ MBA program will certainly handle your requirements and equip you perfectly to meet up with your future environment, putting you on the ideal path. The school offers several concentrations, for example Finance Management, Environmental Management, HR Management, and Management of Technology, all available online, and the school features the only internet MBA program in Houston that is accredited by AACSB. Furthermore, the online MBA Program was rated among the ‘Top 10 Best Buys’ in the U.S. by GetEducated. Estimated cost $12,180 (residents), $23,484 (non-residents)


- University of North Texas – Denton College of Business
1155 Union Circle, Denton, TX 76203, Phone: 940-565-2000
UNT’s College of Business features several online MBA programs, and offers various concentrations. Students may take a hybrid format (a combination of traditional classes plus online classes) to accomplish their college degree. The College of Business has created 3 entirely online MBA programs, MBA in Strategic Management, MBA in Marketing, and MBA in Finance. When signing up for these programs, students accomplish all classes, MBA basic lessons and concentration lessons, in a web-based framework. Classes for every MBA degree include the identical courseload as needed for the conventional MBA program, and professors decide if proctored exams are demanded for their classes. Proctored exams have to be established by the student and monitored at an authorized examining facility in a community college, school, university, or authorized third-party service provider at the student’s costs. Estimated cost $12,526 (residents), $22,498 (non-residents)


- University of Texas Online Consortium MBA Online
Phone: 888-Texas-16
The Master of Business Administration Online (MBAO) program supplies enrollees with all the equipment and tools required to become committed business leaders and frontrunners in the future work environment. The MBAO program brings together the amazing assets and various points of view of 5 accredited organizations working together in the University of Texas Online Consortium. College students will experience remarkably competent, statewide group of instructors offering an interactive program. All the partnering UT System schools are accredited by SACS ( The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and also by the AACSB, the gold standard. Forty-eight semester credit hours will be required to accomplish the program, and based upon study courseload, students could complete the program in anywhere from 2 to perhaps 6 years. Estimated cost $12,180 (residents), $34,570 (non-residents)


Dorm beds use Twin-XL sheets! Don’t forget!

A common mistake when dorm shopping that people make is buying the wrong type of sheets. Many will go out buying new bedsheets, and mistakenly buy Twin sizes.

While I’m sure there are some exceptions, the vast majorities of college dorm mattresses use Twin XL sized sheets. A lot of people never even hear about this size of sheet until it comes time to for dorm shopping.

Twin XL beds are as wide as normal twin beds, but they’re an extra five inches longer, presumably to accommodate taller students.

Where can I find Twin-XL sheets?

For most of the year, twin XL sheets aren’t sold in stores, but as college move in approaches, many stores will begin their yearly college sales. This is the best time to buy this specific type of sheet, and your local Wal-Mart, Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond should carry them.

Just make sure you check the package before buying to make sure you have the right kind of sheets! Finding out on move in day is never fun.

What about blankets and other sheets?

The only two things that actually need to be Twin XL are your fitted sheet and, if you have one, a mattress pad. The rest of your sheets and blankets can be whatever size you want. If you frequently make your bed properly, then don’t be surprised when a couple of your blankets seem a bit short.

Of course, you’ll almost never buy a fitted sheet on its own, so you’ll likely end up with a pack of sheets sized Twin XL.  But you definitely don’t need to worry about your blankets being the right length.

Open campus lunch

My old high school was one of the only ones in the area that had an ‘open campus lunch’.

Our high school used to be crowded, with around 3,000 kids. Our school wasn’t built for even two-thirds of that, so there was no chance of accommodating that many students at lunch time. As such, there was no choice but to have an fun-this-way-to-the-fun‘open campus’ at lunch.

An open campus allows kids to leave the school during lunch, just so long as they’re back in time for class afterwards. You could go anywhere: out to fast food, back home briefly, walk to a local store, wherever.

After arriving at high school from middle school, the thought of an open campus lunch was probably the coolest thing I had ever thought of. I remember my first lunch at high school, I walked to a local market and bought some food. I felt so grown-up.

With an open campus lunch, the big thing was always having your license and a car, even moreso than normal. Once you had both, you had the freedom to go wherever you wanted during lunch. Of course, once everyone else fond out, they would pounce on you like wolves to try to be taken out to lunch. Read More »

How decided should I be when I submit my college applications?

Last year when I submitted my college applications, I remember wondering often if I was sure enough of where I wanted to go to school. Now, my girlfriend is beginning to apply to schools, and she’s feeling anxious because she’s really not sure where she wants to go still.

Obviously, before turning in college applications, you have a nice variety of colleges to choose from. But once application due dates start hitting, your options will become much narrower. This can be a good thing, or it can be a bad thing, depending on how you want to look at it.

But whichever way, it’s important to feel at least some level of certainty with the schools you chose to apply to. You want each school you send an application to be a potential choice for you, not just some school you choose for the sake of choosing. Unless you have enough money to apply to schools simply for bragging rights, applying to schools on a whim is going to cost a lot of money (and time).

Here are some ways of helping to feel good about your choices: Read More »