Best and Worst College Majors For Getting a Job

As students around the country continue to raise their voices about the price of education, former students are looking for work. But higher education doesn’t necessarily mean employment. In fact, many who study the most popular majors are having a hard time finding a job. Georgetown University shows us what are the top and bottom 15 majors in terms of unemployment rates, along with rank in popularity. Will you get a job after graduation from college? That is one of the most important questions many scholars are thinking about these days of economic hardship. College students (also those how have a GED) who have chosen more demanding directions and concentrations will boost their options to acquire a well-paying job. Where can we find these jobs?

  • In excess of 85 percent of all employment possibilities for those holding a bachelor’s degree or above are found via the internet whereas job opportunities for those with less education are not even 50 percent advertised online.
  • More than 60 percent of the job options for college graduates that are advertised online or for white-collar (auditors and accountants) or STEM positions (application software developers and computer system analysts) and healthcare (RN’s -Registered Nurses are highly sought after)

15 Majors With Lowest Unemployment Rate

In the top 15 list of college majors that enjoy low unemployment there are several majors requiring advanced math skills. Health-related fields are between majors with the lowest unemployment and education related fields are included in the list. It´s worth to mention that research over the years has suggested that education is the easiest college degree to earn. It’s easy to get “A’s” if you’re an education major.

  • Actuarial science/Actuarial science applies mathematical and statistical methods to finance and insurance, particularly to the assessment of risk
  • Medical technology technician 1.4%
  • Nursing 2.2%
  • Treatment therapy professions 2.6%
  • Medical assisting services 2.9%
  • Agriculture production & management 3.0%
  • Industrial production technologies 3.1%
  • Pharmacy 3.2%
  • Communications & disorders sciences 3.3%
  • Elementary education 3.6%
  • Special needs education 3.6%
  • Miscellaneous education 3.7%
  • Mechanical engineering 3.8%
  • High school teacher 3.8%

15 Majors With Highest Unemployment Rate

College majors that are hampered by high unemployment rates include a variety of psychology degrees, fine arts and architecture. Five of the college majors with the worst job prospects on this list are related to psychology. Ironically, psychology is the fifth most popular college degree.

  • Clinical psychology
  • Misc. Find Arts
  • US History
  • Library science
  • Military technologies
  • Educational psychology
  • Architecture
  • Industrial organizational psychology
  • Misc. psychology
  • Linguistics and literature
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Computer administration management
  • Social psychology
  • Engineering and industrial management
  • International business

The worst nightmare of a college student has got to be graduating without a job. And the college major that a student selects can actually increase his or her chances of getting stuck in an unemployment line. So choose wisely. Find colleges that are best for you and request information.