How To Check if an Online MBA is Legitimate


Pursuing an online MBA is the most ideal way of completing an advanced business degree for busy professionals who can’t make time for a regular on-campus class schedule but would like to enhance their careers through an MBA degree.

Fortunately, nowadays there are more possibilities such as online MBA no GMAT needed. You should always check if an online MBA is legitimate, and here is how. An online MBA is a viable option for people with a demanding schedule but can’t set aside their work or family obligations to pursue further education.

Because of the online MBA’s popularity, there are quite a few internet-based schools with negative intentions. Fake online programs have flourished while some act as degree mills. This in return has raised concerns of employers and recruiters over the authenticity of degree courses completed online. How do you choose from thousands of schools offering online MBA programs, what programs are legit? Here are some helpful tips to identify and avoid fake programs:

Accreditation and Reputation
An important way to find out about the authenticity of a program is to know whether it is accredited by an authorized accrediting organization. Usually, they are certified by recognized accreditation agencies such as the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) or by regional accrediting bodies.

Keep in mind that nearly all these fake programs and diploma and degree mills are so-called ‘accredited’, however, by phony and not recognized agencies very often operated by these fake organizations themselves! has published an extensive list of fake so-called accreditation agencies.

Be wise, don’t get fooled and check this important list before signing up or ordering anything from programs that claim to be accredited by one of the fake names mentioned in this list! You can check the schools as well by consulting established accreditation organizations. Accreditation of a school or a program indicates that the teaching standard, competency and other factors pertaining to the school were assessed and accepted to provide instruction for students.

Student-teacher interaction
Another factor to look into is the degree of student-teacher interaction. A legit program would provide a very interactive environment for students to encourage them to share ideas, discuss issues and ask questions thus promoting maximum learning. The program will provide a huge collection of resources including eBooks, audio and video files while some schools even go to the extent of sending actual resources on CDs.

Also, some online schools require their students to attend a brief on-campus class to make sure that the student is the one attending the online class and at the same time to assure students of the legality of the online school.

Lastly, MBA program costs vary depending on the location and the school. But fake programs have very suspicious rates and they are usually very cheap, as they want to lure students to enroll in their program. So to be sure that you will be studying at a legit school, your best choice is to find a state university or enroll in a well-known school.