Kellogg School of Management

Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management
Donald P. Jacobs Center, 2001 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208, Phone: 847-491-3300

Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in Evanston, Illinois, has additional campuses in downtown Chicago and Miami, Florida. Kellogg offers full-
time, part-time, and executive MBA programs., it’s also included in the list of the cheapest online MBA in the USA. It’s definitely a worth checking business school.

The school cooperates with universities in many countries such as Canada, China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, Germany, France, and Thailand. The school was established in 1908 in Chicago to teach business executives and has continuously been ranked among the leading business schools in the United States and in the world by all major rating agencies.

Graduates from Kellogg hold leadership jobs in for-profit and nonprofit organizations, as well as governmental agencies and academic institutions all over the world.
Kellogg School of Management takes an innovative, dynamic and balanced approach to management education, and on Northwestern University’s Evanston campus you will develop lots of relationships that surely will become an ongoing source of professional and personal assistance.

Kellogg offers the right balance of academic experience, professional development opportunities, and personal development. A Kellogg MBA will be very beneficial for you, both personally and professionally, in a great number of ways.
Northwestern University’s Full-Time Program offers four specific routes to acquire a Kellogg MBA. No matter what path you decide on, you will receive an unequaled business education presented by the school’s world-famous faculty and founded in the exceptional Kellogg tradition.

Two-Year Full-time MBA Program
Kellogg’s standard MBA program is really an immense experience. You will explore many different interests and disciplines while acquiring robust management and leadership knowledge and skills.
This 2 year MBA program is a traditional MBA program, that has an enrollment of almost a thousand first- and second-year students. This is the largest MBA program at Kellogg, and every MBA participant has to carry out a summer internship after the first year.

Students of the 2-year MBA program will complete an extensive core curriculum that educates them to be successful managers and professionals in academic and professional fields. Core education includes nine courses in accounting, finance, marketing, management and organizations, decision sciences, and management and strategy. Students must finish all these key courses of the program in order to move on to the second year.

One Year Accelerated MBA Program
This fast-track program is especially for business professionals who already have a business education. Students dive instantly into advanced research studies while building up their professional network, and this program will help you in reaching your personal and professional goals faster. This 1-year MBA program will definitely increase your professional options and is the shortest route to a Kellogg MBA.

This program, when you qualify, allows you to avoid taking core classes and instantaneously concentrate on advanced electives. To qualify, you must have specific career goals, have completed pre-requisite coursework, have substantial relevant work experience and an approved plan to return to work immediately. Kellogg’s 1-year accelerated MBA program offers extensive experiential learning, international business study, extreme flexibility, a wide choice of disciplines, and a distinguished system of career management services.

Executive MBA Program
The Kellogg Executive MBA program is specifically developed for senior and mid-career business executives and is very flexible and extremely challenging. The program focuses on the development of teamwork skills and cross-cultural collaboration competencies, leadership capacities and adaptability characteristics. Kellogg features four Executive MBA program schedules every year to meet the requirements and agendas of busy business professionals who all have their own specific personal and professional obligations.

The famous faculty and exciting curriculum are exactly the same in each of these four programs and the Kellogg Executive MBA is continuously rated among the nation’s best by all major rating institutions. Contrary to conventional MBA students, Executive MBA students remain full-time employed while studying for their academic degree, and one of the advantages of this rigorous program is obvious, Executive MBAs can immediately test new strategies on their work floor and learn on the job.

The Kellogg Part-Time MBA Program
In the school’s historic building in downtown Chicago and on the Evanston campus, Kellogg School of Management presents the part-time MBA program. Here you will be able to acquire an MBA degree from one of the nation’s best business schools without the need to interrupt your professional career.

The part-time MBA program is made available in evening classes and Saturday classes, and an accelerated option is available as well. Irrespective of whether you want to make a career change or look for promotion in your current field of employment or industry, Kellogg’s broad-based course load and international focus will offer you the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in the ever-changing world of global business.

MBA students will be introduced to an academic world of innovation that prepares them to create, implement and incorporate new and revolutionary concepts and ideas. Students will be collaborating closely with peers from several other industrial sectors, backgrounds, and nationalities. They will be educated to successfully lead teams of all kinds and to apply classroom theories in workplace challenges.

Part-time students will be instructed by the same business teachers as students in the full-time MBA program, and they will receive the same globally recognized academic degree. For the Evening MBA, Saturday MBA and Accelerated Option MBA contact the school’s Office of Admissions: Kellogg School of Management, Part-Time MBA Program, 340 E Superior Street, 2nd Floor Mezzanine, Chicago, IL 60611-3008, Phone: 312-503-8385.

MMM (Master of Management and Manufacturing) Program
Northwestern University’s dual-degree MMM Program produces the best product managers and provides future business leaders the skills and knowledge to manage the complete product or service innovation lifecycle. This is a two-year innovative dual-degree program, where students will develop a solid foundation in business and design innovation while gaining the skills to become leaders in product and service development.

This academic education allows business leaders to meet design innovation with a foundation in technology. Students will find out how to reach the best balance between big-picture procedures and detail-driven techniques for solving challenges and recognizing opportunities. Graduates will be well trained to create, develop and manage end-to-end strategies.

JD-MBA Program
The Kellogg School of Management and Northwestern University’s School of Law present the only integrated Juris Doctor-MBA program, and this really is a highly respected dual-degree, accelerated and integrated program. Enrollees take exactly the same business and law courses as their single-degree counterparts, and they can earn both degrees in just three years.

The JD-MBA program offers students a comprehensive academic education in both management and law. This multi-disciplinary academic training produces specialists and prepares JD-MBA graduates to deal with legal and business challenges that executives in their positions will face. JD-MBA graduates generally are employed in fields like public governance, legal practice, investment banking, consulting, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and other careers.

The school’s JD-MBA program is an accelerated program, and the core courses are complemented with elective coursework in areas of finance, international business law, entrepreneurship, and real estate and tax law. Both academic degrees are granted after students complete the 16 management courses and 72 hours of law course work. Students accomplish this dual degree program in three years, instead of the five years, it would take them to complete the two degrees one by one.

Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management’s MBA programs (not offered online) definitely belong to the best in the USA and the world, but cannot be considered very affordable