Advertising Week in New York City

The Advertising Week Conference in New York City is an annual event. There were more than two hundred scheduled events throughout the week at over a dozen locations, all day and all night. There really was something for everyone to experience. When visitors were not at the conference, of course New York City had plenty of other thing to enjoy. Both aspiring and seasoned marketers absolutely should come to this Advertising Event to discover everything about the lifestyle in NYC.

Mind you, you really need to be prepared for the NYC lifestyle, though. Here is some advice:

  • Be aware – Just like in any other big city, you ought to be constantly aware of what’s going on around you.
  • Try to leave early – If  you can, leave early for the scheduled event you want to attend. You never know if something might happen that can slow you down.
  • Be polite – Although sometimes difficult in NYC, and not always possible, try to behave in a polite way when you walk through the city. There is a good chance that this will rub off on other people.

The Largest Donation

In September 2010, Fordham University received the largest donation in the school’s history. Mario Gabelli (class of 1965) in a very generous way provided this donation, and in appreciation, Fordham University’s College of Business Administration was renamed the Gabelli School of Business.

Mario Gabelli was born in The Bronx as the son of Italian immigrants. He first went to Fordham Preparatory School, and he was reported saying that, when he was young, he read market reports just for fun and Marion purchased his first stock at the age of only 13 years old.

Marion Gabelli received a scholarship and graduated “Summa Cum Laude” from Fordham University, and he later in his academic education received his MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from Columbia Business School. Mario Joseph Gabelli was born June 19, 1942. He is an American stock investor, investments adviser, and financial analytic expert.

Mario Gabelli visits Fordham University regularly, and on those occasions, he frequently speaks to students so they can learn from Mr. Gabelli’s personal experiences.