How Social Media Help with Your Education

When many people turn from direct phone call to social media and messenger it build a new habit and culture in society. They are easier to write heart’s, feelings, and emotions through social media. first, before the existence of social media, people prefer to call each other, talking about their happiness with each other, their emotions, a sense of joy and sorrow, and their activities. This marks a change in the habits of the people. Especially users of social media, be it Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, and so forth, the influence of a friend, colleague or family is also very big influence someone to use social media. as in a community group or friendship, if any one of their friends who are using one of the social media, call it as Path, another friend of a friend who had come to use the Path, as well as some examples of social media.

Social media can be accessed by anyone and anywhere. ranging from young children to adults have an average social media accounts, some of which even have more than one social media account. Take for example, if someone has a Instagram account, they likely also have Facebook and Twitter, as sharing photos or pictures they take via Instagram then pass it on to Twitter and Facebook so fun  urban pop culture or the culture that intentionally or unintentionally formed through various social media accounts more or less affect the way everyone interacts, particularly for active social media users. They prefer to communicate through social media. Make a tweet or status update on Facebook is a new way for them to communicate. Information sharing is also one thing that is attractive to users of social media accounts. And share information via social media is one of the effective and efficient way for users of social media. Even companies and sellers using social media to promote and introduce their products and brands

Benefits of Google Plus

Google plus is the best Social Media in my opinion.

1. No Character Limitation
As i stated before, there is no character limitation on updating a status on Google Plus. You can write a long story on your status update. You can describe anything with more details, Just like Facebook. This also can help you make a Excerpt if you want to write an Excerpt about the link that you want to share.

2. Circles
This is a Google plus feature that others Social Media never have before. By using Circle, you can group your friends list by category. For example you can create a Circle of your High School friends, and A Circle of your College friends, and also a Circle of any website that you follow. Its more organized, and more clean. For my personal reason, this is why i say Google plus a bit better than others.

3. Chatting and Hangout
Chatting could be is a feature that looks normal, other Social Media already used it. But how about Hangout, it is a new feature just like a conference video chat. You can make a video chat just like Skype with few friends at a time.

Those four feature is the common feature that usually used by Google plus members. So far Google Plus is my fave network.