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Howdy Yall! Whats up! My name is Johnathan K stands for kick your bootie if you got a problem with the South! Or a problem with my Mama. I am a 30 something-year-old native of Florida. And yes I don’t care at all what you hear, it is a place.
I a very busy man. I work most days of the week at my other job. It’s a feed store. And I love it!!!! Feed and Seed are my business. On the other hand, I also, not proud to say this, go to High School. And it sucks. I don’t care what you say when I’m at school I feel like I’m in prison. You know sometimes I feel like a superhero, and my only weakness is hot girls. Taylor Swift is awesome by the way. So you can talk to me by e-mailing me here: email to me
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