Internship in Advertising

All through summer I had the pleasure of an Advertising and Brand Management Internship for New York City-based U.S. Consumer Advertising. I functioned directly under two advertising executives, concentrating on brand advertising and marketing and media strategies. I immediately received several responsibilities, such as supporting the company management and optimization of media deals, recommendation of media proportion and looking into up and coming media.

My recommendations to anybody who is looking for an advertising internship is to stay as flexible as possible. Make sure to get as many distinctive skills as you can through your learning process and don’t be afraid to apply them. Internships at leading advertising agencies are hard to get and the level of competition is solid, but it was absolutely worth the battle.

Being an intern, you have the exceptional possibility to observe and experience the various aspects of the business. Of course, interns may perhaps need to take coffee runs, but they also have the opportunity to experience a video shoot or do paperwork throughout a strategy session. From time to time, interns even need to entertain clients or show up at industry networking activities.

Interns are able to experience the industry, generally without the stress and burden of client deadlines, and I am a strong believer that it’s equally important to learn what you really don’t like, as it is to discover what you do like. Internships provide you with an opportunity to get involved and build relationships, offering you access to people and places you otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to meet. Regardless of whether you end up getting a job at the company where you had your internship, your experience opens doors to others. For all students involved in summer internships, here you can find a few tips I really wish someone had provided me prior to my internship.

Amy Ainsworth

Trust me, the true internship is very unlike the one on the movie with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.