MBA Interview Questions

Once you have submitted all necessary documentation for an MBA program and you have finished the entire application process, you still haven’t reached the stage of admission yet. Before you can enroll in an MBA program, you will have to go through the admission interview. So read on to learn more about MBA Interview Questions and how to get optimally prepared.

This is the final step in the whole process. The MBA Admission Committee uses this interview to identify and eliminate weaker applicants. On the other hand, it gives you an excellent opportunity to present yourself in the best possible way to get admitted to the programs that you have applied for.

A lot of people think that MBA admission interviews are about factual information. This is not the case at all. Interviewers of the MBA Admission Committee are rather interested in your personal capacities and your personality. That’s what they would like to analyze.

Of course, business schools are interested in academic performances, but there is more. They are also interested in accepting students that will bring fame and good name to their schools, so before admission, applicants’ personalities are measured.

The questions asked will usually be more behavioral and less academic or factual, so the need for you to review business is not there. Interviewers will measure and test the interpersonal dynamics; the emphasis will be on building the good rapport.

Other personal aspects that will be gauged are the applicant’s honesty, maturity, the ability to work in groups or under pressure, self-confidence, and confidence in general. Although the questions will be of a more behavioral nature, academic questions don’t necessarily be excluded totally, so prepare yourself for all possible questions, whether behavioral or academic.

Not all questions asked will concern your personality only. Interviewers can choose other perspectives as well; this strongly depends on the school. It is advisable to research about the institution of your choice for applying for an MBA program. Furthermore, you should have prepared some stories about your activities, achievements, goals and maybe leadership.

It will not harm you to mention some weaknesses as well. During the MBA admission interview, these stories can assist you in answering usually asked questions. Beware that in these interviews there is no room for fabrication or error. Be honest and open about everything, and prevent stories from becoming unclear to the interviewer. This for sure would not help you in gaining admission to the MBA program.

There are several ways to influence the interviews and the interviewer. By speaking in a confident manner and straight from your heart, you may be impressing the interviewer. And you should be aware that speaking too little or too lengthy doesn’t do you any good.

Try to speak directly and in a moderate way to the questions that are being asked. In case you talk too fast, you indicate a sense of nervousness, and talking too little may very well result in a negative impression. Please consider these points, and practice before an interview. You will be surprised how this will help you in gaining admission to the MBA program of your choice.