MBA application essay

The golden rules you must apply if want to write a killer MBA application. Use these MBA application essay tips to get what you want.

1. Make sure your application comes in early. Always apply early. MBA programs are popular and will be full before you know. Besides, you will need the time to make sure that you can successfully complete the program.

2. Make sure you address the school you apply to correctly. Karen Miles,who is Dean of Hult Business School, says every year it happens that some students so to say ‘forget’ to alter the name of the institution in their essays. It seems to me that this kind of ‘mistake’ is not only showing indifference but as well no interest at all the unique program of Hult Business School”.

3. Be unique. This is your application and your chance to stand out. Take matters into your own hands and show what you are worth, even in matters that don’t relate to business.

4. Be open and honest. Members of the Admissions Committee are not dumb and they will thoroughly go through each applicant’s background. As soon as you make up one thing, forget it, they’ll know. Beware that you will be scouted on social media such as Twitter LinkedIn and Facebook. So be sure to clean up your pages and accounts.|

5. Be very picky on who is writing your letters of recommendation. Your recommendation letters are of the greatest importance. It is critical that you have the right people write these letters. They should be people who believe in your capacities and potential.

They should very well understand your objectives. Karen Miles of Hult International Business School says we regard theses letters of recommendations as a view into a candidate’s professional career. The best letters of recommendation are those that include detailed information and examples of a candidate’s skills, abilities and potential.

Admission Officers are more impressed by learning how an employee played an important role in the realization of a specific program than by reading that an applicant is of immense value to the company, and is a hard worker. Another advice would be not just to ask the highest ranking manager, but to find the right person who could write thoughtfully about you. Here it’s not just the highest title that matters.

6. Be dominant. Your essay is required to make absolutely clear to the admissions committee what your career aspirations are, as well as your motivations for this specific program. It is wise to be specific about your work experience and your achievements, and don’t just only write about your strengths but mention some of your weaknesses as well and demonstrate your written communication skills.

7. Research again and again! The Admission Officials want to know precisely why it is that you want an MBA. They want to know how an MBA would be of added value to your career and to your life, and they also want to know why you have chosen that particular institution.

8. Be aware of small mistakes. They can lead to huge disappointments. You must be as precise as you can and avoid every little mistake. It is very important to check your spelling and make sure all your details are correctly filled out. Karen Miles says she once read through what she thought was an very impressive application.

The applicant had a 620 GMAT, had extensive work experience in London and Istanbul as an International Recruitment manager, and his letters of recommendations were very thoughtful. The shock came, she says, when she read his essay. Sure, the question was answered and overall idea was present, but there was no polish. His essay contained grammatical errors, and words were spelled incorrectly.

This essay did not match a professional with eye for detail, and it became clear that this was a risky applicant. This example shows that it is highly recommendable that every applicant should have his essay checked by a native English speaker before submittal.”

9. Satisfy all existing criteria. Although you might think this stands beyond reason, it is still something that is occasionally ignored. In case the program requires a work experience of at least three years, then that is what you must have, period. MBA programs bring together exceptional business minds, each with their one-of-a-kind experiences. If you would apply without required experience you certainly would not benefit.

10. Your MBA application should be a bit of learning for you. Experience it as a little bit of soul-searching. It is a good way of learning something about yourself and never try to be somebody else but yourself