Nursing Schools in Las Vegas – 2 Great Options

In Nevada, as is the case all over the country there is a great need for trained nurses to fill all kinds of different nursing positions across the state. There are a number of nursing schools in Las Vegas but two of the largest and best respected are The College of Southern Nevada and University of Nevada, Las Vegas, both of which offer a variety of excellent nursing programs that qualify graduates to become nurses at various different levels.

Nursing Schools in Las Vegas – The College of Southern Nevada – Located in the bustling heart of Las Vegas, the College of Southern Nevada offers basic nursing programs that allow students to become either nursing assistants – also known as CNAs – or licensed practical nurses. Both of these kinds of programs offer the very hands-on training students need to function in these positions which are usually very demanding as it is CNAs and LPNs who provide basic day to day care for patients of all ages.

To perform these functions a nurse needs to be physically fit, and before a student can enter any of the nursing programs at The College of Southern Nevada that is one of the things that they must demonstrate by passing a physical. Students must also hold either a high school diploma or an equivalent GED.

The Nursing Assistant program is a six-credit course that has both practical and theoretical elements and usually can be completed in 10-12 weeks on a full-time basis. The LPN program takes 12 months to complete and provides the more extensive theoretical knowledge and increased number of practical experience required to meet the duties they will perform in the world of work.

The College of Southern Nevada also offers an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing, which is the minimum requirement to become a registered nurse. This course takes approximately 2 years to complete on a full-time basis and upon graduation, students can sit their state licensing exam to become an RN. Leadership skills are definitely required for students choosing this track.

Nursing Schools In Las Vegas – University of Nevada, Las Vegas – The University of Nevada Las Vegas offers more extensive higher education options for nurses to pursue, a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, a Masters of Science in Nursing and even a Doctorate of Philosophy in Nursing or a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. Pursuing these higher levels of education not only usually affords nurses the potential to earn a much higher wage but also to explore a wider range of career options, including becoming a nurse educator, which usually requires a minimum of a Masters of Science in Nursing degree or a nurse practitioner, a medical professional who is licensed to perform many of the same duties as a family practice physician.

Usually, a BSN degree from The University of Nevada Las Vegas and other nursing schools in Las Vegas takes 4 years to complete, an MSN an additional 2 and a Ph.D. between 2 and 3 more years. There are some options available to working nurses to proceed at an accelerated pace because of their prior experiences and these courses include an RN to BSN program that usually takes 18 months to complete and a BSN to MSN program which takes about a year.