Prerequisite Courses for MBA

Some schools do not demand prerequisite courses before granting students admission to their MBA programs. Often they require that new students will take relevant courses prior to starting the actual coursework as part of the MBA program. However, some schools demand that their newly admitted students have finished certain courses before they are admitted.

A lot of schools demand prerequisite courses in subjects such as statistics, mathematics or economics. Some require courses in marketing and management as well. Those schools that demand prerequisites in mathematics usually require a minimum of one year of calculus, and a minimum of one semester of statistics. Take a look at Kellogg School of Management. Bloomberg rated this business school the fourth best (2014) in the U.S.

Many of this school’s MBA programs require that students take courses in algebra, econometrics, and  micro-economics. They also require that their students have an acceptable knowledge of corporate finance and marketing. You also may be required to fulfill a course in basic English. For all these prerequisite courses you must have a minimum grade of C- before you are eligible for admission.

  • It can be advised to check out the website of the business school of your choice to find out about specific requirements, but remember that most schools offer these prerequisite courses as part of the MBA program.

Conditional Admission

  • Medical schools all require hopefuls to have successfully finished prerequisite courses. Most business schools, however, do not have these demands. The best respected top three of U.S. business schools, Wharton, Harvard and Booth (according to Bloomberg) do not have any demands regarding prerequisite courses when it comes to admission requirements. Like at many other business schools, these institutions are admitting students “conditionally”. This means that you only will remain to be accepted in certain programs if you complete your prerequisites in a certain period of time. Because you are a graduate student looking for obtaining a degree taking these courses, at most of these institutions you will be qualified for financial support.
  • Requirements, what to do?
  • In order for you to become qualified for MBA programs, some schools accept other roads to meet their prerequisite requirements. At some schools, the College Board allows you to show your competence and abilities in certain areas, or take “College-Level Examination Programs”. You should gain all possible knowledge about fulfilling your prerequisite requirements in this way. At the undergraduate level, you should take all the needed courses. You may also wish to experience an MBA Boot Camp to gather knowledge and to meet all requirements needed. Several schools offer these Boot Camps online.

Criteria for admission

  • Most business schools have their own criteria and requirements for applications. You normally would have to fulfill these demands: write your own application, make sure you have at least the demanded minimum number of recommendation letters and take a GMAT. Some universities, for example, the Booth Business School in Chicago, expect that before candidates are admitted, they have a working experience of at least two years. They do not really require this, but the school informs that, prior to enrollment, admitted students have an average working experience of 4 years.

Know if your course will count

  • There is such a variety of educational institutions, and there are so many programs being offered with so many different names, that it is essential for you to know exactly whether the courses that you took, do really meet prerequisite qualifying demands. You must be sure that the courses you took meet the qualification demanded for most MBA programs, as far as the school’s prerequisite course is concerned. Before enrolling in a program, check also whether the school of your choice demands that you complete the coursework within a particular timeframe. Because of all these different names, programs, and schools, it is advisable to check if the course of your choice will be generally accepted and transferred. Check this at This website is accepted and used by most schools to determine the equivalency between courses.