Research Shows How Important It Is To Read Books And Essays

New results show that reading books and essays is fundamental for human growth and that an individual has a need to study.

Research by Washington University shows that whether a person reads a book in print or digitally, picking up a book is crucial to stimulate the brain because it physically changes by the experience with reading.

Readers psychologically mimic each new situation encountered in a story leaving mankind with new neural pathways and mental synthesis.

So if your brain responds to reading, increase your knowledge and personal growth by writing and reading  essays. Reading and writing can boost emotional and artistic proficiency and enhance self-confidence in general understanding. T

here is a wide array of reading possibilities available in present times as a result of advancements in technology including things like e-readers, tablets and smartphones so there is little justification for not getting your nose into a good book. And the analysis discovered that if Britons stop reading they become less empathetic, interesting and less intricate.

Overall, reading is important to function in today’s society because it is an important skill in locating a good job, it grows your brain and creativity; and it is as it is a great way that you can learn new things. Practicing reading improves spelling and grammar skills but you can also hire expert help when studying over your dissertation writing by employing professional Essay writers.

The experts will assure that all work is of a high standard and since the specialists understand the pressure students face to accomplish those all-important grades, they can propel you ahead with a competitive edge.


Now it has become important to have a pleasant personality along with good academic record. But it is not possible for us to acquire all the talent at the same time and be flawless. There are certain problems which are involuntary and create a lot of problem in career development. Stammering is one such problem but with conscious effort it is possible to control it.

Way to overcome stammering

Don’t take it as a problem and be depressed about it. Have patience and make the constant effort to control it. It is not easy but not impossible. You might get nervous when you meet new people which make you stammer more. You can follow these easy steps and make an effort of control your stammering.

Breathe properly as you speak. With proper breathing it is possible to have the proper pause as you speak. It will help you in expressing your thoughts properly without any overlapping of words.

Think before you speak. Construct the sentence; lower your voice tone these will help you in controlling the flow of your speech. Project your voice down from the throat area this will help you to add volume to your speech.

Maintain proper break between words. Try not to speak backwards, that’s a bad habit. Go ahead with a deep tone and proper breathing this will help you to maintain regular pause. Try to practice this in front of the mirror which will help you understand your body language and help you construct your words easily to speak continuously.

You can also seek support from a good therapist. They can teach you the right way of speaking along with certain therapies which can enhance your speaking ability.

Be confident as you speak. Don’t hesitate in expressing your true feeling. Have patience don’t give up in few attempts. Don’t think what others will think. Stop thinking about what others going to say. Have faith in yourself and go ahead.

Follow these simple steps and have a perfect personality for a bright career.