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Verify if you have really met all application requirements. The demands for applications consist not only of the pre-MBA requirements. Also other application materials are wanted. Make sure you are aware of all the items that are needed. When applying, you will have considerable advantages if your application is complete.

Here is what you will need:

– Application Form – Usually you will have to submit an application form in order to apply to MBA programs. Applications are not free of charge. Most schools charge non-refundable fees for submissions. Nowadays, most schools accept online applications.

– Official Transcripts – A normal consideration for acceptance is your GPA, your undergraduate grade point average. So you are required to submit “official” transcripts from all colleges that you attended, in order to verify your GPA and also to verify the completion of  degree and MBA prerequisites that apply.

– Admissions Test Scores – Only if admission tests are demanded, test scores are required. If required, you must send these test scores to all MBA schools that you apply to. Normally these test scores for admission are good for several years. Test scores indicate that you took the specific admissions test. They may also be used for purposes of acceptance.

– Work Resume – Most of the time you will be asked to submit a verification of your work experience. MBA programs could require a work experience resume, even if the program or school does not specifically demand work experience. As stated before, work experience could well be a consideration for acceptance, whether stated as a requirement, or not.

– Letters of Recommendation – Universities that offer MBA programs want to find out about your attitude and co-operation abilities in business and academic surroundings. So you are required, most of the time, to produce a few recommendation letters. These letters will usually be provided by former professors, your employer, and associates.

– Application Essays – For many MBA programs one or more essays will be required. Schools will use these essays to acquire better knowledge of the applicants. You can use an essay for a positive presentation of yourself. More relevant, these essays will provide the institution with information why you really wish to pursue an MBA. Essays also can be used to indicate why you are the best candidate for the MBA program that you apply to.

There are universities that require pre-admission interviews with applicants. In fact, interviews offer you the best opportunity for indicating to admission committees that you are a good (or the best) applicant for the MBA program of your choice. When you get invited for an interview your application is likely to be taken very seriously, and admission into the program more likely. Please take notice of the fact that, during the process of the MBA admission, there are important application deadlines! So think about Timing and Procedures. You can send your essays, application and resume at the same time, whereas test scores, letters of recommendations and transcripts must be submitted separately. So be sure you have submitted all relevant documents and materials in time! Deadlines are deadlines.

What Matters in MBA Admissions