Support for Education

Apart from running an event company, I am also a high school teacher and I know how much how important education is for our community’s children and our community’s future. During any given day I might work with a girl who can read but can’t infer from what she is reading, a boy who can infer but not while reading, one student who can write the most poetic prose, and another who tries hard but just can’t understand that a sentence needs a subject and a verb.

There is not a better investment we can make as a community than in our schools.
We owe it to our children to give them the best education possible, to provide them the opportunities to excel in their future careers, to prepare them to compete in the global market.

For the classroom, students with unique gifts and challenges can get the assistance they need and deserve. Your support helps limit class size, provides resources, and offers the children of our community a wide variety of opportunities they otherwise just wouldn’t get.

With federal and state cuts to education, we have to be responsible for what it has asked from the community. We donate 30% of our profit to support the educational programs for people who want to take a second chance to earn a high school diploma.

I do understand it isn’t easy to be asked to give money for anything, especially now. But I also know that you wouldn’t want to live in a community that doesn’t support its schools. Strong support for schools is part of what makes living in our country great.

Remind yourself of the measurable and immeasurable benefits of robust education: jobs, community health, business recruiting (including healthcare), character, social enrichment, and life skills, to name a few. When our children graduate from high school, we are not merely rejoicing with a cap, gown, and diploma, but rather with the knowledge that they are fully equipped in every way to go out into the world and take their place in a chosen field and become successful citizens.

This does not come about easily, nor does it happen by chance. It takes a small army of dedicated teachers, administration, parents and the community all working together toward a common goal.

Who is the link in the education chain that needs to be kept strong?  Is it teachers? The superintendent? Parents? No, it’s all of the kids in our community. Without them, there is no point in having a bike to ride. Thus, it’s the adults in this community who need to accept the responsibility to make sure we have the best, most efficient, functional bike we can. This levy keeps our kids on the bike and moving forward. See also this article about self-development and self-rebranding.

For our children, education offers the doorway to personal freedom, a satisfying career, and ever-expanding experience. I have no school-age children; I do have grandnieces and nephews. I have occasion to meet them and their friends. I want for them the best educational opportunities our community can provide. It is a practical, hands-on way of saying “Thank you” for what others have sacrificed for me.