The Most Affordable MBA Programs

Nowadays a very popular way of obtaining a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is to achieve this degree via ONLINE programs. Understandably, very often these programs are cheaper. Check out our important list of the cheapest online MBA programs.

Online MBA. You won’t have to go through a full-time business school program saving considerable time and money. You will be able to complete a relatively cheap MBA program while keeping at work with your busy job, and from the comfort of your private quarters, at the time that suits you best, and you won’t have to compromise on your professional and personal obligations.

There are generally two types of online MBA programs available
First, we know the “virtual schools”. These institutions don’t have a physical location and presence, they only exist in the virtual online world. Secondly, there are the established institutions of real brick and mortar, the business schools that are offering their MBA programs in “online versions”. Here we will explain something about both types of cheap MBA online programs and we’ll find out about the actual cost.

Affordable MBA Online Only

The cheapest way to attain an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) is by enrolling in a degree program from a “virtual school”. Programs offered by traditionally established and nationally recognized  business schools, the big names, are much more expensive than these programs. They are not as well known as the famous brick and mortar school programs but their fees per credit are often less than half compared to those of traditional universities. There are some popular online programs by The University of Phoenix. Also DeVry’s Keller and Kaplan Business schools offer pretty good and affordable online MBA programs.
Some examples:

The online MBA program offered by the University of Phoenix requires at least 36 credits. At $625 per credit this totals to $22,500 for the required classes. In case you would like to specialize in a specific field such as Marketing, up to 54 credits may be taken in a special area for additional fees. This way a complete  MBA program at the University of Phoenix could cost just over $30,000, depending on the chosen courses.

DeVry’s Keller Business School. For an MBA program this school charges per course instead of per credit. It depends on the state where you live, but the average charge per course is $2,100. A total of 10 core courses is required, plus an extra 18 credits from elective courses. There is a variety in cost for these elective courses,  but if we use this same amount of $2,100 on a 4 credit course, you should be able to complete an MBA program for around $30,000. This does not include extra courses for a concentration. This could result in a total cost that is substantially higher.

Online MBA Programs by Well Known Institutions

Quite a few highly respected brick and mortar schools are offering online MBA programs as well. You might find it useful to have a nationally recognized and well-respected pedigree on your resume. The cost of obtaining a degree from one of these famous universities will be high, but it may be worth.

Most of the time these programs require some time on campus as well, so they are not completely online. If you are prepared to do this and if you are able and willing to pay high fees that come with these programs, an MBA from institutions like Babson College and Syracuse University, or even from  Duke University belongs to the possibilities. Duke’s Global Executive MBA program is regarded as the standard in online MBA programs.

Contributions and fees for programs offered by these schools are much higher than fees of fully online programs mentioned before. Fees are $53,000 for Babson College (Their Fast Track MBA online Program demands that you attend classes in person every six odd weeks).

The cost for an online MBA program by Syracuse University, the nationally highly respected institute, will be $1,249 per credit for 54 required credits, resulting in a total cost of the MBA program of over $67,446. Duke University offers the Fuqua MBA Program. This famous degree runs a total of $109,200.

Many Choices

Now you have seen that there are numerous choices available when it comes to online MBA Programs. Learning from a distance is readily available today, from affordable MBA online programs to the prestigious programs offered by “creme de la creme” universities.

Online MBA’s can set you back from five thousand to over a hundred thousand dollars. Anyway, try to get well informed. The choices are yours. You may want to check out our big list of cheapest MBA programs in the US, where you can find lots of information about the cheapest online MBA programs.