Sheryl Sandberg Quotes on Women in Leadership

Here you can watch Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO) discuss why a much smaller percentage of women than men get to reach the top of their professional world and see how she will offer three powerful recommendations to women who are aiming for the C-suite. Check out the following videos with Sheryl Sandberg Quotes on Women in Leadership.

Sheryl Sandberg has been traveling the US with a message for women to aim high, to go for the top. She talked to huge crowds about leadership, empowerment, and family.

Sheryl Sandberg spoke about the fact that it is the reality that men still run the world, not only in business but in general. She presented many statistics indicating the shameful representation of women in government institutions and businesses all over the world.

She clearly indicated that this implies that every time the decisions are made that significantly have an impact on our world, the voices of women are not equally listened to and heard. During the course of her lecture, Sheryl spoke in a conversational way and revealed personal stories about her own self, her self-doubt, and about some missteps she has made in her efforts to establish a more equally divided world and workplace.

Sheryl Sandberg openly discussed how she believes that most women are still holding themselves back. Many women still make career decisions based on the expectations to raise children they do not have yet. She also offered advice for women on how to advance in the workplace.